Category: Sennelier

sennelierlogo.gifGustave Sennelier, a chemist by trade, opened the doors of Maison Sennelier in 1887, grinding his own pigments in the back yard and thoroughly researched the history and usage of pigments to develop a distinctive process for manufacturing colors. The process involved the formulation of precise methods for mixing tones, and for controlling opacity and transparency.

Sennelier uses only the purest pigments for their soft pastels, mixed with minimal amounts of natural binders, in an exclusive formula that yields lightfast, water-soluble pastels. There is just enough binder to hold the pigment together as the pastels are formed by hand, placed in special molds, and allowed to air dry. No fillers or clays are used.

Sennelier soft pastels are highly concentrated and so soft that a gentle stroke will deliver a solid, powerful line of brilliant color.