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Oil Paints

oil-paints.jpgOil Paints are made of pigments mixed with an oil base, most commonly cold-pressed linseed oil. They offer superior colors, extended drying time and are extremely durable and lightfast. While already used by Chinese and Indian painters between the sixth and eight centuries, oil paints gained popularity in the 15th century when it became the principal medium used for creating artworks and by the height of the Renaissance oil painting techniques had almost completely replaced tempera (egg yolk based binder) paints in the majority of Europe.

We currently provide both the Rembrandt and Van Gogh oil paints from Talens at very competative prices. We can also provide you with the brand new Cobra water mixable (artist quaity) oil paints, which was introduced in 2010. Painting with Cobra is the same as painting with traditional oil paints with the advantage that you can mix the paints with water and no solvents are required. Please contact us for pricing.

All prices are in Australian Dollars
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